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Aim of Vastu

Aim of VastuThe co-ordination of 5 elements of the nature-- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space with the human activities and to manage and use natural forces- solar power, magnetic power and gravitational power with human life is the main destination of Vastu Shastra.

Human`s life is sometimes filled with tensions and no satisfaction and this is due to our artificial life style. Today we ignore, forget and rush away from Nature. Nature a friend of human life is a center of unlimited and immortal power of universe. Vedic Rishis (primitive) believed that nature has unlimited power and it is omnipresent and omnipotent that is why nature is a main creature as well as destroyer, nature is developer and abstractor.

The knowledge to use the five elements of nature along with the natural forces - magnetic, gravitational and solar power to route to success and satisfaction with convenience and safety is the main aim of Vastu Shastra. The use of five elements of nature and natural forces helps one to get physical power, mental strength and be refreshed with satisfaction in life.

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