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Vastu Benefits

Knowledge of Vastu is very useful and profitable for human life and by this knowledge we get maximum benefits from nature and environment. Benefits of Vastu is it defines a position to reduce the gravity of the problems faced by human beings as well as industries through vibrations of Panchbhootas which has anchored their roots in the body of the human beings as well as the external and internal building configuration.

The classical Indian science of Architecture and Design is Vastu. This knowledge tells us the benefits of nature and work of directions, the kind of work to do and the direction it helps, suitable shapes, forms and location, direction for a desire work, where and how to construct a room, outer structure and interior arrangement of rooms according to the nature of work so that we do our work without any problem and achieve benefits and peace in life.

Vastu knowledge benefits one by explaining the directions the medium normal and average profitable areas and which direction is prohibited for concerned work. Vastu dosh also plays a significant role in occurrences of problems as well as destiny.

The more your place is synchronized with nature, the better the atoms in your body receive the energy, and give you extra energy to think and work well. That is the reason the right location always helps to improve business.

The most important factor is the topography of the land. Then comes the water resources followed by the other elements like trees, electrical poles, direction of your place and the size and shape of land and also important is the position of the stars in your Vedic horoscope.

Few directions favorable and unfavorable
Shapes of plot - Favorites are regular shaped square or rectangular plots while irregular shaped plots are normally avoided. In a square plot the house should be constructed in the center and in rectangular plot it should be nearer to south, south west and west sides preferably leaving more open space on north and east.

"L" is considered not suitable for house as corners will be "U" shaped missing and occupants will be missing opportunities.

Water-bodies - Water bodies in north or east are considered good.

Obstruction - Big trees, open well, pillars

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