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Importance of Pyramid Vastu

Pyramid Vastu is a unique revolutionary solution that combine time-tested concepts of ancient wisdom and our new age approach to techniques, such as Vastu, Feng Shui and Reiki. Pyramid vastu is a technique to balance the electromagnetic field of the human aura. If we are able to boost up the standing columnar wave (SCW) of the chakra energy, positive thought would flow like a river.Pyramid Vastu is an art to harmonize body , mind, spirit and environment.By placing activated Pyramid Vastu Kits at appropriate locations, we can achieve health, wealth and prosperity.This life force enhancing, technical and highly successful Pyramid Vastu tool is very practical and is used to correct vastu defects without physically altering, shifting or breaking any house, office, shop, factory, sick unit or corporate house.

There are many people who really want to use vastu but have already bought the plot, constructed the house and have come to reside there. They came to know about Vastu Shastra later. So what should they do now? Buy another plot and build a new house according to vastu? we know that this is nearly impossible immediately but every human being wants to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous.Keeping in mind all the circumstances we have invented a new concepts of energy level corrections to achieve all these things in a hassle-free manner. The core principle of Pyramid Vastu are based on Vastu Shastra.

The common link between Vastushastra principles and the logical thinking that conceived the idea of a pyramid lies in the field of channellising the cosmic energy flow for some constructive purpose.But,it must be remembered that pyramids were constructed for the benefit of the Pharaohs and their souls,while Vastushastra strives for betterment of the entire mankind. Vastushastra successfully uses pyramids,pyramidal structures,and pyramidal forms,to offset vastudoshas related to the Southern entrance and defeciencies in the West direction of a house.

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