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Vastu living practice

For practicing Vastu Living one needs:

  • The willingness to accept the holistic philosophy that celebrates the value in all creation.
  • The ability to assess yourself honestly to determine your real needs and preferences.
  • Finally, you need patience. Vastu Living is not a quick fix. You should plan to tinker with your environments until they feel right for you.
  • Don`t view your workspace as temporary space that doesn`t belong to you. It is your space. It is where you work, so claim it for yourself. Yes, you may end up moving to another post within your company or taking another job elsewhere, but this is where you are working now and you must treat it with care. You must train your mind to think of your workspace as sacred.
  • Learn how to work for your own satisfaction, not for the satisfaction of your boss or your company. Once you make this shift and begin to work for yourself, you will most likely find pleasure in your work-no matter what the work. You will also do better work. When you work for yourself, it is difficult to accept anything less than your best effort. Learning to believe that your work is your own is the second most important step that you can take toward the implementation of vastu living.
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