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Pyramid Vastu
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Pyramid VastuPyramid is a structure with a polygonal base with sloping sides meeting at an apex point.The current interest in pyramid technology stems form the discoveries reported all over the world that pyramid like structures help in healthy growth of plants inside,and act as rejuvenators for the human body and mind.Experimentors are trying to establish the nature of mysterious energy fields inside a pyramid and the actual energy flow from the base to the apex ,with the assumption that pyramids serve as energy field resonators or generators of energy.

Pyramid is a GREEK word divided into two parts:

P - Perfect (In measurement & work)
Y - Yielding (More Yield In Agriculture & Wish Fulfillment)
R - Rainbow colour, resonant (Pyramid Fire ­ Aghnihotra, Responding Thought)
A - Almighty (Represents Cosmic Power)
M - Mathematics, Mysterious (Perfect Angle & Size, Wonderful results)
I - Intuition (To Get Inner Help Towards Upliftment)
D - Dynamic (Full Of Power)

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