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Vastu Living
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Vastu Living is a modern adaptation designed for the Western lifestyle. In India, vastu is connected to Indian astrology or jyotish, which is quite different from Western astrology. To remove the possibility of error, Vastu Living introduces a new methodology that uses ayurveda and its mind-body typing system to determine the healthy design of each space so that it reinforces an individual`s needs. Vastu Living creates environments that celebrate the soul and honor our relationships with nature.

Vastu Living is designed to help one discover which primary element you most identify with (fire, air, earth, or water) and to create a living or working space that will both inspire and calm you. Vastu is not a one-size-fits-all science.  Everyone is unique, so our Vastu Living environnments need to reflect our special needs. Vastu living can be used in any context since any space, from a garden to a boutique, can benefit from the practice of Vastu. There is a look to Vastu living dιcor that makes it easy to identify. A Vastu Living space always incorporates natural and organic products and by extension the personality of the occupant into the dιcor. We can unwind and relax, even if we are just a visitor.

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