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Articles on Vastu Shastra
  • Impact of colours on Vastushastra
    The article is about how colours influence vastu, which bring balance to our minds and bodies and stimulate our energy that is a colourful change which gives zest.

  • Vastu Home Decor
    The article gives us an insight about designing a house according to Vastushatra.It also provides us ideas about the specific locations and positions of different rooms etc.

  • Vastu and Ageing
    The article focuses on how Vastushastra supports the process of ageing and creates a positive impact on the wellbeing.

  • Beginning of Happiness through Vastu
    The article tell us that to fulfill the goal of happiness a house should be designed by placing importance to its internal layout as well as its external surroundings for bringing positive energy, earning prosperity, wealth & wisdom which is very well determined by Vastu shastra.

  • Vaastu: Science or Nonsense
    The article focuses on what vastu is, what it actually believes in, and the   comparative differences with its Chinese counterpart Fengshui. It also says that vastu is an ancient science of architecture whereby its use was more valid in ancient times but now makes little sense today.

  • Knowing about Kitchen Design
    The article focuses on the criteria of designing kitchens by following steps that should be considered before designing and new kitchen and modifying the existing one. A kitchen should honor the ritual of cooking," says Kathleen Cox, author of The Power of Vastu Living.

  • Nurturing Relationships through Vastu
    The article focuses on how relationships can be improved through vastu, which can bring happiness, peace and prosperity. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us