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Vastu FAQs

There are many technical terms in the field of Vastu Shastra. There are also many variations in the spellings of some of the terms. For example, "Vastu Shastra" is sometimes spelled as Vastu Shastra (with an additional "a" in vastu), Vastushastra (without spacing), vastushastra (without spacing but with an additional "a" in vastu), Vastu Sastra (less a "h" in shastra), Vasthu Shastra (with a "h" in vastu), Vastu Shashtra (with an additional "h" in shastra), etc. There are also some authors who refer to it simply as Vastu, Indian Vastu, Vastu or Vaasthu, etc. We use these terms interchangeably mainly to let readers familiarize with the many variations of the terms associated with this art. At the very least, It will be useful to get acquainted with the common terms.

  • Agni - the lord of fire, located in the southeast direction
  • Aap - water, one of the five elements 
  • Aakash - space, one of the five elements 
  • Atman - individual consciousness 
  • Brahma - the creator of the universe 
  • Brahmastan - the central courtyard and energy center of the house, the heart of the house
  • Dhumam - southeast 
  • Dwajam - east 
  • Gajam - north
  • Jiva - the soul 
  • Jyotish - indian astrology 
  • Kakam - northeast 
  • Kharam - northwest 
  • Mayan was an architect and town planner of ancient India 
  • Mayamata - a treatise on building and architecture, authored by Mayan 
  • Purusha - consciousness itself 
  • Parmataman - universal consciousness 
  • Prana - life force 
  • Prakriti - nature 
  • Shrishti - creation of the entire universe 
  • Simham - south 
  • Sthapati - a master sculptor/architect of Vastu Science 
  • Sthapatya ved - the science and art of applying the universal laws of Vastu Science to to towns, buildings and sculpture
    Also: sthapatya veda, sthapatyaved 
  • Sutregrahi - vedic term for draftsman 
  • Swanam - southwest 
  •  Takshaka - vedic term for carpenter 
  •  Vaastu Purusha - the energy contained in the Earth 
  •  Vardhaki - vedic term for mason 
  •  Vastu - Derived from the word "to dwell, live": That which lives forever. If you take the universe and crush it into a drop, that is Vastu: the substance of the universe. It is eternally living.
    Also: vasthu 
  •  Vaastu: what has issued out of Vastu is Vaastu. Vaastu is the manifest Universe: every "thing" in it. Vastu becomes Vaastu. E=mc2 Energy becomes matter: this is the Divine formula
    Also: vasthu 
  •  Vastu Purusha Mandala - The plan of the layout of a temple or a residential building
    Also: mandala purusha vastu, mandal purush vaastu 
  • Vastu sastra - science of energy, of energy applied in a vastu
    Also: vaastu shastra, vasthu saastra, vastu shaastra and other spellings 
  •  Vastudevata (vastupurush) - the energy - or deity - of the premises 
  •  Vasthu Vidya - knowledge of vasthu 
  •  Vidya - Knowledge 
  •  Vedanta - a name for the vedic texts, the Upanishads 
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