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India, land of novelties of ancient architectures, and its rich inheritance.
Vaastushastra works on the basic theme of of Matter and Energy and describes the complete matrics of architecture, geometry of objets, orientation with respect to directions,measurements, proportions with view to the place and the occupant.

In Vaastushastra as well as modem architecture, the shapes like square and rectangle indicate safety, completeness and stability. But, the aesthetic shapes like triangle and rounded shapes representing grace and progress, which are popular in modern architecture, are avoided in Vaastushastra. Vaastushastra considers that the energetic space within a square or rectangular form create vibrations appropriate for peaceful and tranquil pattern of life.

Architecture defines spaces and creates special forms in order to allot living spaces and utilitarian spaces amongst the occupants of a dwelling. Modem architecture sometimes gets so much obsessed with the ideas like economy, lifestyle, function, and efficiency that it almost forgets the inherent psychological needs like peace and tranquility of a human being occupying the structure. Sometimes, the hands of an architect are forced because of professional compulsions like satisfying the demands of builders and developers. The individuality in architectural creations, visible in earlier times has in recent times been lost to problems associated with group or mass housing techniques.

Vaastushastra deals with four kinds of spaces - space within human form, constructed space, terrestrial space, and cosmic space. A designer with Vaastushastra insight achieves harmony between all these spaces, and in the process creates microcosm in the built-up space that replicates the qualities of the macrocosm. Vaastushastra ideas result in design of houses, which are beneficial to the body and mind of the dweller.

Architects have started borrowing from concepts of climatology, environmental engineering, and cosmic energy flow principles to design dwellings that are in harmony with nature and closer to Vaastushastra logic.

Vaastushastra encompasses the phenomenon of Pyramids, for correcting residential plots,These pyramids are energy generators at the centre. Experiments carried out on small pyramid models essentially conforming to the dimensions of the pyramid of Giza of have conclusively proved that, inside a pyramid a distinct atmosphere exists which is protective and energy giving. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us